Why Security Guard ?


Hiring a security guard has several benefits to all aspects of your business. At Secured Security Ltd our skilled guards are experienced, mature, and professional with extensive backgrounds relating to the security industry.

Security guards provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your assets. Any business can benefit from a security guard, below are some examples on how.

Shopping malls and plazas are excellent candidates for a security guard to patrol. These areas can be targets for car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings, and other various forms of crimes. Having a security guard on site can significantly deter these crimes from taking place. At Secured Security Ltd our security guards are specifically trained to help prevent these crimes from occurring.

Office buildings are also important places to have security staff employed. Security guards in office buildings are able to control who is entering the building and can offer services such as signing in all visitors and ensuring that only those who should be in the building are allowed to enter. Another advantage to having security at your office building is that security staff could walk employees to their vehicles if they happen to work late. Security personnel are also able to deter vandalism inside and outside of the building, as well as protecting the vehicles in the parkade. At Secured Security Ltd our staff is trained to be professional in an office setting and to provide the highest level of customer service.

Warehouses and industrial buildings can also be targets for thieves to commit crime. These buildings are normally in quiet and unpopulated areas away from residential zones. Having a Secured Security Ltd guard patrol a warehouse or industrial property has many benefits. A guard can ensure that all areas of the building are securely locked and that no unwanted persons enter the property. Having a guard on site or do mobile patrols also creates a presence that may deter a criminal from entering that property. As well a security guard will document all suspicious activity and report anything dangerous immediately to the police.

Events are also an excellent place to have security personnel prominently visible. Events can range anything from concerts, weddings, conferences, sporting events, to other private or public functions. Security guards can help ensure that your event goes smoothly and that security concerns are dealt with. Our guards at Secured Security Ltd are trained to be adaptable for any event.

Another important placement for security guards is at condominium and apartment buildings. At Secured Security Ltd, we provide professional uniformed guards to patrol and guard the inner and outer premises of the property. Even with lock and an enterphone, criminals are still able to infiltrate a building where there is no security staff present. All it takes for a stranger to have access to your building is for someone to enter or leave the building and then they catch the door before it closes. Criminals will go to great lengths and sometimes even disguise themselves as a courier or a mail carrier through the enterphone to gain access to a building. A security guard would prevent unwanted persons from entering through the front entrance. A security guard is also able to patrol the parking areas to ensure the visitor parking is not being abused, and that all doors on the premises are safe and secured. Having a Secured Security Ltd guard patrol your building will give you peace of mind knowing someone is always watching out for your well-being.

Uniformed security guards are a benefit to all businesses. At Secured Security Ltd we take pride in protecting what is important to you. We value all our customers and are able to provide a variety of security services. Call us today to find out more on how we can help protect you!

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